Labels & Stickers Printing Services in Canada

Your Business Message Needs to Stick!

Improve your branding with our custom stickers, decals and label printing services. Ensure that your logos and marketing messages stand out from the crowd. 

Custom labels and vinyl stickers are among the most essential printed items for many businesses and organizations. They are often used to brand, identify, inform and promote your business – and also remind and warn people of potential hazards. 

Premier Custom Prints Label & Stickers Company in Canada

At our KKP Canada locations, you will find more than a printer for labels. We also offer diverse solutions, such as:

  • Address packages or create return address labels with a company logo
  • Brand product packaging with labels for consumable and non-consumable goods
  • Create identifications for staff members or event attendees with branded labels
  • Label standard or bulk-purchase boxes, containers and bags as your own with custom stickers, such as those on many pizza boxes or carry-out food packages
  • Design quality control labels to notify clients of “services-performed” on fire extinguishers, furnaces, automobiles and more with the service providers contact information
  • Seal envelopes or invitations creatively and distinctively with custom stickers
  • Track inventory through barcoded labels, model number labels or serial number tags
  • Print labels with QR codes to link to training manuals for equipment
  • Acknowledge donations or accomplishments with stickers like “I voted” or “I donated blood today”
  • Design care labels for textile products that provide the inspector’s number

Custom label printing and stickers services can help you capture the attention of consumers, differentiate your products from other brands and prompt shoppers to reach for your item instead of competitors.

With so much of your success riding on the effectiveness of your label design, it makes sense to stick with a professional labels and sticker label printing services company like KKP Halifax.  Our team has years of experience in meeting your company’s printing needs in Canada. 

Contact KKP Halifax to learn more about our different printing services for business. 

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