Safety Signage and Solutions

Guide and inform with clear, consistent safety signs.

Clear communication methods are essential to keep patrons safe and informed. The need for safety signage and versatile solutions is more urgent now than ever before. KKP offers a wide variety of solutions to help your business share its message and get the proper precautions it needs to create a safe and healthy environment.

As a local business ourselves, we want to make sure we help our community have the tools in place to build a stronger and healthier future. Here at KKP, we offer a wide variety of custom signage solutions to help you meet these goals.

Custom signage solutions

Here are some of the signage solutions we are providing to help local businesses:

  • Custom Business Signage:  Custom temporary or permanent signage to display your hours of operation or temporary closures. Add a new sign or decal to your window, door, or banner at your entryway to communicate to patrons.
  • Curbside Signage: If your business is offering curbside options to comply with the physical distance orders, we can create signs to inform and guide your customers. Face masks and face shields help in protecting yourself
  • Wayfinding and Physical Distance Reminders: Floor decals, graphics, temporary or reusable signage can help guide people safely throughout your business to encourage following physical distance protocols.
  • Safety signs and products: Help visitors and customers stay safe at your location using custom safety signs. Let people know about potential hazards, special warnings, or specific practices to follow.
  • Graduations & Special Occasions: Acknowledge special occasions by creating a custom lawn sign, banner, or window decal while adhering to social distancing guidelines.
  • Prevention Signage: Encourage taking proper precautions, inform patrons and employees of what procedures are in place, and how they can help during this time.
  • Personal Protection: Many companies are already utilizing personal protection equipment to protect customers and employees. You can put into place additional precautions like sneeze shields to limit exposure at check-outs and at counters where proximity is necessary.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about the custom signage solutions that can help you encourage and enforce proper health precautions in your business. 

Customer communications

Your customers and donours are your most valuable asset, ongoing communication is essential to maintain and grow these relationships. When and what you communicate contributes to how your brand will be remembered. Stay in touch with your customers with valuable information during this time:

  • Printed Pieces: Custom business postcards, newsletters, and training materials are just a few of the pieces that we can help you print to get your message across.
  • Direct Mail: One valuable resource your business has at his disposal to reach customers is direct mail. Direct mail is a safe and effective way to communicate with both customers and prospects. Send out messages to let people know you are open for business, and how your products and services can support them during this time. Remember that the mailing list is just as important as the message. Segmenting the list ensures that the right message goes to the right people at the right time.
  • Email Marketing: Digital communications are crucial during these times of physical distancing. If you are looking for help designing the right look and message to send out, our team can help.

At KKP we are committed to this community and helping businesses and organizations like yours remain active and strong. Our staff can help you find a solution that accommodates your unique situation and budget. If you are not sure what your company could be doing to stay proactive, contact us today.

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